The core principle of holistic health is balance. In today’s fast-paced and modern world, it can be easy for us to lose our equilibrium. However, there are solutions, and their methods have been time-tested for hundreds of years.

At Newport Acupuncture Center, we’ve created a tranquil urban wellness sanctuary that’s designed to help you restore health and balance. We’re proud to offer the following services.


An ancient means of treating a wide variety of ailments, thin and sterile needles are inserted into specific acupoint on the body in order to access the Qi, or vital energy.

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Developed in 1930’s China, this method stimulates the Qi by the application of an electrical current between acupuncture points on the body. It’s a treatment that’s often highly soothing, and it’s used for chronic pain, injuries, and holistic sports medicine.


Based on the Chinese meridian system that sends electrical energy throughout the body, acupressure provides relief from pain, anxiety, and increased well-being, due to gentle pressure upon acupoints.

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Therapeutic Massage

This is a specialized form of massage focused on relaxing tense muscles and muscle groups. Some of the benefits are pain relief, reducing headaches, digestive disorders, and anxiety reduction.


A Chinese health practice that’s based upon gentle movements, breathing, and meditation. A cousin to tai chi with simple and repetitive motions, it’s been shown to combat stress and increase focus and relaxation.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The Chinese tradition of herbal medicine has numerous time-tested formulas. Many formulas have been used safely and effectively for generations and have fewer side-effects that Western pharmacology or herbology.

Suction cups are placed at certain acupoints on the body. The negative pressure and suction can encourage blood flow, help to loosen muscles, and reduce stress on the nervous system.


A technique developed in Northern China, moxibustion involves warming using the mugwort or ai ye herb. It helps to boost the immune system and increases the efficiency of the digestive system and blood flow.

Heat Therapy

This treatment focuses on opening blood vessels. It reduces joint and back pain, decreases muscle spasms, and increases the overall range of motion.


More than a simple foot massage, reflexology focuses on applied pressure on the hands, feet, and ears. It reduces pain, relieves depression, and creates a profound state of relaxation.

Gua Sha

Directly translated from Chinese, it means, “Scraping Sha-Bruises.” By scraping particular areas of the body with a ceramic spoon or gua sha tool, blood flow is improved and pain is reduced.