If you are dealing with a chronic condition, be it back pain, migraine headaches, or fibromyalgia and are considering acupuncture, you may have many questions that you’d like answered before you try your first treatment. For many people, their initial questions center around the needles used in acupuncture. In this week’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at acupuncture needles and why you have no need to fear them.

How Big Are They?

  • Most people associate medical needles with the hypodermic needles used to give vaccinated and giving blood, but acupuncture needles are different.
  • While they are roughly the same length, their width, or diameter, is very different. An acupuncture needle is a fraction of the size of hypodermic needles.
  • A medical hypodermic needle is approximately 2.88 mm, a sewing needle is 1 mm, and an acupuncture needle is between .16 and .25 mm. That is about the size of a human hair.
  • One of the reasons for this difference is the purpose of the needle. Hypodermic needles need to carry either blood or medicine, so they need to be hollow.

Are they Sharp?

  • Acupuncture needles are tapered at the end so they go in smoothly.
  • The tip itself is rounded so it goes in smoothly, whereas a hypodermic needle is pointed at the tip.

anotherblogimgfeaturedacupuntureHow Deep Are they Inserted?

  • Acupuncture needles are inserted at a very superficial depth, just ⅛ of an inch.
  • This shallow depth means that no nerves will be touched.
  • Are acupuncture needles used more than one time?
  • No, acupuncturists use one-time-use needles to treat you.

Does acupuncture hurt?

  • Sometimes, a plastic sleeve is used to help hold and guide the needle, and you might feel the sleeve being pressed against your skin.
  • The needle will then be gently tapped into your skin. You might feel a slight pinch.
  • Sometimes ,you might feel a sensation travel away from the needle’s location.

Check back for our next blog, as we answer questions and explore the world of acupuncture and acupressure. Call Newport Acu Center today for an appointment.