Dr. Brian Oh

Newport Acupuncture Center offers you an alternative to Western Medicine. We offer acupuncture, acupressure, therapeutic massage, and an assortment of other Chinese-based treatments. We treat chronic pain, sports injuries, migraines, sleep disorders, fertility issues and can aid in weight loss attempts too.

Chinese Medicine has an ancient tradition of healing through seeking balance in all the systems of the body, both seen and unseen. Acupuncture and acupressure use the concepts of qi and meridians to restore balance to a system out of balance. Qi is the life force that flows through all things and is akin to the concepts of prana, ruah and ever, yes the Force. As you can read in The Dancing Wu Li Masters, even modern quantum physics has a similar notion to what cultures widespread and at various points in history have identified. Meridians are the channels through which chi flows. These channels can become disrupted or blocked, creating physical ailments. Acupuncture opens these channels and allows the chi to flow smoothly once again.

On the contrary, in the West, when you have a physical ailment, Western Medicine often treats the symptoms while ignoring the underlying causes. The treatment, so often a pharmaceutical, masks the original symptoms and creates side effects that are also masked with the latest pharmaceutical. This vicious cycle can follow some people around for years, even decades without the underlying source of the original ailment being targeted.

If you are suffering from a chronic ailment, call Newport Acupuncture Center and we can explore what treatments would be best to use for your particular complaints.