As you age, you may notice the visible signs of aging on your face in the form of fine lines around your eyes,
A deepening of the lines that run between your nose and the outer part of your lip is also a natural part of the aging process.
You may notice puffy and dark semicircles under your eyes.
Aging skin can look dull, and you may notice changes in the pigment on your face as well.
You may feel fatigued and have mood swings.

Aging gives us all great stories to remember and share, as well as a good portion of sometimes hard-earned wisdom, but it also comes with visible reminders that decades have passed since we celebrated our landmark coming-of-age birthday. Most of us are lucky enough to feel that our appearance does not match our youthful attitudes.


Western Practices to Fight Aging

There are procedures that we can turn to erase or attempt to turn back the clock, but many of these involve injections of chemicals, some of which are even known toxins, into your face. Many of us seek to live wholesome lives with good food, exercise, and taking supplements we think will help us live long, productive lives, and, somehow, injecting unpredictable, inalterable chemicals into our faces seems counter intuitive. These treatments target the symptom and pay no attention to the holistic health of the person. Pharmaceuticals can be given for mood swings, but again, not everyone wants just to pop a pill to treat every ill, especially ones that are to be expected in the process of aging.

Chinese Longevity Tradition

Perhaps it’s time to consider a turn to the East. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has had longevity as a goal for hundreds of years, and there are numerous treatises from various traditions from which a practitioner can draw. Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach to treating unpleasant symptoms of aging. Acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, therapeutic massage, moxibustion, heat therapy, and reflexology are just some of the services that Newport Acupuncture Center offers.

Always turn to a highly trained practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine when you decide to go this route. Dr. Oh has a PhD in Oriental Medicine from American Liberty University and has successfully treated many patients. Call today for an appointment to look and feel younger.